Microsoft Windows 10 PRO LICENSE (Original)

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    • 100% Genuine
    • Windows 10 PRO
    • 32 & 64 Bit
    • NO DVD SUPPLIED, You can download os from
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Genuine Windows 10 Professional Activation Product

The product key can only be used with a fresh Windows 10 professional installation.

You receive a lifetime product key for 1 Device.

Upgrade from win 7, 8 and other editions of Windows systems is NOT SUPPORTED

Process time: Most activation keys are delivered within 6 hours,
but please note, in some cases, it may take up to 2 business day to process your request. During holidays/weekend it can come to delays.
Most likely we send it within an hour after order.

Each key is only for ONE computer / ONE license and can be reused on the SAME PC.
Keys can be used globally on any Windows 10 Pro language version.
We do not sell an operating system. You can download it from Microsoft for free.

The Key will not work with Windows 10 Pro S/N/M/KN and its other variants- For the Product Key to work the OS has to be the Pure full version of Windows 10 Pro that you will have to download and install on your computer from the Microsoft Website link that we will provide in the email sent along with the Product Key or you will need to have the Pure Full version of Windows 10 Pro installed on your computer.

If you are currently using Windows 10 Pro then you can simply use this key to activate the OS copy installed on your PC, you need not perform a clean install. But if you are using Win 7, 8 or 10 Basic then you will need to perform a clean install and then use our Product Key to Activate Windows 10 Pro.

*THE KEY won’t WORK IF THE OPERATING SYSTEM IS NOT UPDATED* Kindly make sure Windows Pro is updated. The OS needs to be updated to the latest Release by Microsoft. To check if you are on the latest Windows 10 Pro Release please click on “Windows Settings” Then click on “Update & Security” Click on the first option there “Windows Update” then click on “Check for Updates” If you are on the latest windows release the system will say “You’re Up to Date” Else will download the latest release


The Product Key will have to be used within 2 days from the time it was emailed to your email as that’s the stipulated time outlined by Microsoft. Post 2 days we may have to regenerate the Product Key and seekMicrosoft’sapproval for activation which by the way takes around 2-3 business days.

Is this a Lifetime License Product Key?
Yes, the Product Key comes with lifetime validity for the PC it is installed and activated on. You can’t use the Product key on any other PC once it is activated on the first PC as the Product Key will be digitally assigned to the Motherboard of the first PC it was activated on.

Why is your price higher in comparison to the other listings on our?

Our product is not a cracked/hacked version of Windows 10 Pro like few of the other cheaper listings on our. We don’t use the same Product key for other buyers like the cheaper listings do which makes your PC more prone to virus attacks, malware attacks and breach of your personal data. If you buy from us your product key will be used only for your system and not with any other buyer. That is why our listing is priced a little higher than the others, we deliver quality!

What if the Key Doesn’t Work?

It is very unlikely that the key won’t work, but if it does we will issue another key.

Please Note:
Each license key is only for ONE computer and can be reused on the SAME Computer.
The product key can be used globally on Windows 10 Pro OS and you can download from
and usb/pen drive bootable software:

1. Click “Buy Now” button
2. As soon we receive your payment we will send you the license key for one device via mail within business hours.
4. Don’t forget to leave us a positive feedback, item review, to get a discount on your future orders

Genuine licenses are obtained legally through uninstalling from PCs which no longer require them. We are acting as a system builder, the original hardware is no longer able to use that license, so we transferring the license and an original damaged, beyond economical repair hardware (in this case Motherboard*) to the user. We only offer in-store pickup for damaged hardware. Damaged hardware will be collected/pickup from our store (contact us before purchase) within 30 days from purchase. You are purchasing this software which is bundled with hardware. Since its Free Shipping -we will cover the shipping of your software and this broken motherboard or equivalent hardware will be available for free pickup from our store and consider it abandoned after 30 days. This is an OEM type key. You will get a faulty, beyond economical-repairMotherboard, as required to comply with our policy for damaged hardware and will be collected/pickup from our store. This is only one-time activation key and will not work after format. More info after payment and Contact us if you need more information. Trademark, Brand name, Logo, is a property of their respective owner. This product does not infringe on any copyright, Trademark, or any other rights, or any of our’s listing policies or spam policies. Our listing Complies with the Intellectual Property

Microsoft Policy States: “Large brand-name computer manufacturers, such as Dell and Compaq, often include OEM software on non-holographic “recovery” or “reinstallation” discs that show the manufacturer’s brand name. These software packages are typically marked with a phrase that states, for instance, “For Distribution with a new Dell PC only.” Recovery or reinstallation software is licensed only for distribution with new computers and can be redistributed only with the computer for which it was initially distributed. Distributing such software with individual PC hardware components (e.g. hard drive; RAM) does not comply with Microsoft’s OEM distribution requirements.” – Therefore, this sale includes the original computer from which the COA was taken off. OEM Software: Microsoft’s Distribution Agreement for System Builders states that the system builder software packs are not intended for distribution to end users unless the end users are acting as system builders by assembling their own PCs. A “system builder” is anyone who assembles, reassembles or installs software on a new or used computer system. This product does not infringe on any copyright, Trademark, or any other rights, or any of our’s listing policies or spam policies. Our listing Complies with the Intellectual Property. All Brand Name, Trademark, Logo are the property of their respective owner.


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